What do we DOOH next?

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Before the CityLive Challenge started, I said the teams had to push DOOH to its limits and demonstrate that it is more than just a moving posterboard.

Now that the challenge is over, I can categorically say that both teams did just that.

Team Sandoz was declared the winner after a closely fought competition, but both teams really challenged the ways in which DOOH and the CityLive screens are used. As a judge, I felt they both delivered a unique media first.

Making sure the technology could deliver what the teams wanted was a real challenge for those involved, but this was a fantastic example of what can really be achieved when creative minds and technical knowhow come together.

The campaign by Team Sandoz for Macmillan Cancer was a worthy winner. He came up with the innovative idea of people interacting with two different totems, something we’ve not seen before. Ultimately, this was a truly ground-breaking use of the technology and media available.

Malin Hanas’s team approached the challenge differently but in an equally thoughtful and creative manner. They optimised the facial detection software, Quividi, turning it from a counting and measuring tool into something that involved the audience in the stories of their client, The Booth Centre.

While delivering the back-end was a challenge in itself, by integrating a range of software and hardware which had previously never been integrated before, I feel that we’ve all shown the world what can really be achieved with DOOH.

The question is: what comes next? We need to keep pushing those boundaries, creating engaging and innovative campaigns and using the technology available to inspire and excite people.

Creatives: I’ve said before that we need you to make this happen. If you’re up to the challenge, then get in touch.

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On 4th December 2014

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