The Campaign CityLive Challenge: two media firsts

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The two competing “Campaign CityLive Challenge” campaigns have now run and judgement is near. After being given the challenge of pushing DOOH to its limits, we saw two very distinctive campaigns, involving very different elements of the capabilities of MediaCo Outdoor’s CityLive DOOH network.

While people in Manchester engaged with the innovative campaigns, they only saw the front end of the Challenge. Behind the scenes, we’ve used all our systems integration and network management expertise, as well as our interactive digital know-how to make it happen.

Malin Hanas, creative director of Razorfish, and her team really explored the possibilities offered by Quividi and facial detection technology. As well as being able to measure the attention and dwell times of their audience, Team Hanas put the gender and age distribution aspects of the technology to use.

Once the software had assessed someone’s gender and age, it played a version of the interactive program designed to have the greatest impact on that person, as suggested by Malin’s market research. By making full use of Quividi’s capabilities and combining it with our custom-built software, the built-in cameras, touch screen interactivity and live interaction, they hoped to be able to encourage more people to engage with the Booth Centre.

Andy Sandoz, creative partner at Havas Work Club, and his team took a different approach for Macmillan Cancer Support. Their innovative campaign encouraged the audience to run between two interactive screens as part of their crowd-sourced marathon. A cloud-based back-end solution was created to manage the interactions between the two totems; a completely novel way to use any DOOH network.

It was great to see that both teams really pushed DOOH to its limits, allowing us to use it in ways that have never been done before. It made the Challenge exciting and ground-breaking, with us developing and delivering not one but two DOOH media firsts. It also showed that CityLive can host some vibrant, engaging and exciting campaigns. It’s going to be a difficult challenge to judge!

Now that Malin and Andy have inspired the digital world and, by bringing their ideas to life, we have shown what can be achieved with DOOH, we hope that other creatives will rise to the challenge and use DOOH to inspire and engage with their audiences even more.

Creatives: when you’re ready to make it happen, give us a call.

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On 1st November 2014

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