Eleven Sports Media: Bringing football to the fans

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I was asked recently to describe in a nutshell what we do at FTP Concepts. I replied that we are the power behind the backend of DOOH. It’s easy to show people the exciting and innovative possibilities that DOOH offers, but they’re not always aware of what happens behind the scenes.

A recent project we’ve worked on for Eleven Sports Media (ESM) demonstrates this really well.

ESM asked us to help them bring football to the fans, through Stadium TV. Just as behind every football squad there is a backroom team, playing a critical role in their success, we delivered a range of services supporting the launch and running of Stadium TV.

From consultancy to content creation, application development to training, and a whole host of other services, we supported ESM in bringing together content and technology to create a buzz around live football matches.

You can find out more about Stadium TV and what we did on our case study page.

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On 21st July 2014
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