Eleven Sports Media

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Eleven Sports Media owns and operates digital signage networks at major sporting stadiums across the UK, including Newcastle United and Norwich FC. Their screens display advertising, Sky Sports TV and scrolling messages, and are watched by thousands of fans before, during and after match fixtures, as well as by visitors to the venue outside fixture times.

Eleven Sports Media wanted to be able to more flexibly control and update the content on their displays. They didn’t want to have to use one specific computer terminal to make changes, and they wanted more of their staff to be able to control the content.

Therefore, FTP Concepts created the ultimate flexible content-controller: an iPhone app that allows staff to change and update screen content from anywhere in the stadium. Furthermore, Eleven Sports Media can now choose which members of staff edit the content.

FTP Concepts’ DOOH-it Editor app means Ground Managers, Communication Managers and other Managers can quickly and effectively get messages out from anywhere in the venue. Fans and visitors are swiftly informed about safety issues or emergencies, such as the unexpected closure of an exit or an emergency evacuation, and staff keep fans informed of team sheet information, future games and special offers.

Outside sporting fixtures, stadium staff use the screens to advertise their conference facilities and events, tailoring their messages to that day’s visitors.

FTP Concepts’ DOOH-it Editor app enables Eleven Sports Media to keep their content up-to-date and relevant with minimal effort, keeping thousands of fans fully informed at a finger-stroke.



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