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A bit of a Cannes DOOH…

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France’s largest media screen. Little Mix. Diversity. Simon Cowell.

Sounds like the ingredients for a fantastic party; and it was. It was made even better by the fact that the party was being live-streamed straight on to the SCALA screen which perches on the Grand Cannes hotel, overlooking the city.

While everyone was enjoying the music, entertainment, and seeing themselves looking down on, and beaming out across, Cannes, we were providing the content management system and infrastructure to make it happen. Meanwhile, our creative colleagues at Enigma and Curb were delivering the content they’d created.

Andrew Newman, founder of Enigma, said: “FTP once again brought all the elements together to make this an excellent show for Fremantle and throughout the week for Curb group.”

The party was awesome, as we were celebrating the results of a collaboration between us, Enigma, Curb and SCALA and enjoying seeing DOOH in its element.

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On 20th October 2014
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