CityLive: looking into the future of DOOH

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I’ve written in the past about how the DOOH industry needs to do more to promote itself, so it was refreshing to see the great publicity surrounding the launch of CityLive in Manchester. The story wasn’t just confined to one sector either, with The Marketing Week, Output Magazine, and The Drum among those who ran the story.

You may also remember me saying previously (on at least one occasion!) that content needs to be relevant and carefully planned. This is exactly what is happening in Manchester, where the adverts will be targeted at onlookers based on their age and gender, all thanks to the interactive technology incorporated into the kiosks.

Here at FTP, we were involved in a number of different aspects of CityLive, working with MediaCo to install giant touchscreen kiosks in the city centre. From system integration to the content management system, as well as providing network support, content creation, training, and working on the installation, our team feels it is a project which is really driving DOOH forward. CityLive showcases the type of technology we will see used more and more often.

CityLive demonstrates some of the most innovative possibilities offered by DOOH and I will be watching to see how it shapes the future of our industry.

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On 6th November 2013

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