The mission: to push DOOH to its limits

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Campaigns involving DOOH are, frankly, often quite boring or one-hit wonders.

Despite being able to put a DOOH screen on the Grand Hotel in Cannes, despite being able to wrap a London Bus in a screen which showed content as it toured the streets, and despite having the ability to blend responsive software with interactive video content at MediaCo Outdoor’s CityLive, agencies still treat DOOH like an extended posterboard but one where they can have a moving rather than static image.

The technology is there for DOOH to provide a fully immersive, engaging, tailored experience for the general public but it’s not being used.

That’s why, here at FTP Concepts, we’re delighted to be supporting the Campaign CityLive Challenge launched this week by MediaCo Outdoor and Campaign Magazine.

The competition is simple: two creative teams have to use MediaCo Outdoor’s CityLive touchscreen network to develop and execute a creative campaign for a charity of their choice. They will then be judged against a range of creative, technical and engagement criteria, before a winner is declared.

I am one of the judges and can’t wait to see what the teams come up with. Follow the Challenge’s progress at #citylivechallenge.

My hope is that the teams, led by Andy Sandoz, creative partner at Havas Work Club, and Malin Hanas, creative director, Razorfish will take the kit bag they are given and come up with a one week campaign that will push DOOH to its limits. We need to show clients and creative agencies alike that DOOH is more than just a moving posterboard.

The “kit bag” reads like an experiential, digital marketer’s dream and include tools like:
• geo-location data
• built-in cameras
• touch screen interactivity
• external data feeds
• dual screens
• live interaction
• real time content
• ability to evolve campaign content over time.

The Campaign CityLive Challenge is a great start to show what DOOH can do and should be doing. The next challenge will then be convincing creatives to use DOOH as part of an extended campaign to truly engage and inspire their audience. And when that time comes, here at FTP we’ll be ready to use all the technology we’ve developed, which does just that.



Martin Ayrton is Managing Director of FTP Concepts, who specialise in setting up, running and maintaining DOOH networks.

FTP Concepts have provided input into developing the Challenge parameters and Martin is on the panel of judges, judging how the technology is executed during the teams’ campaigns.


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On 20th August 2014

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