SMEs: say I DOOH!

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You may have guessed from many of my earlier blog posts that I do get a little bit evangelical about DOOH sometimes, but that’s because I firmly believe that digital offers so much more than many people realise.

In my last blog post I talked about how the DOOH industry needs to promote itself better by publicising our high-profile projects. So is DOOH only for big businesses with huge budgets? No, no, no! DOOH has as much to offer to SMEs as to multi-nationals.

Many major retail chains, such as New Look, Burberry and DFS, have proved the value of having digital screens in-store, advertising their products and services to customers.

This model isn’t just for major chains – it’s entirely scalable. Here at FTP, for example, we’ve provided digital signage networks as small as a single screen preloaded with content so it doesn’t even need a PC, just a mains power supply.

As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to stay in control of my sales and marketing activities. I think though that a lot of small businesses believe that if they want to get a digital signage network that’s easy-to-use and versatile, without sending them into insolvency, then they’ll have to relinquish some control over the content that’s displayed. Fortunately that’s just not the case.

Our micro networks come preloaded with the customer’s own content so that they maintain complete control over everything shown on their screen. Control in the hands of the business owner.

However, and sorry to be a bore about this, whatever the size of the business, advertising only pays off if its content is relevant, carefully targeted and strategically planned. A digital signage network is no different. When people start questioning whether it’ll work in their small business context, I have to tell them: it will but even if you have control, if you have control over rubbish, it won’t work. Small businesses can say “I DOOH” but make sure it’s a worthwhile relationship you’re getting in to.

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On 8th May 2013

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